If you are curious about how to make soap at home, you can start by making homemade soap for your personal use or as gifts to your loved ones. Soap making is not a complicated process at all. It can easily be learned by a first-timers.

You can easily make soap in the comforts of your home even without using advanced pieces of equipment. It can be done by using a cold or hot process. If you become an experienced soapmaker, you can try selling your own fancy perfumed soaps and earn some profit.

Fat and lye are two things that you need when trying your creativity on how to make soap. Adding certain ingredients will make it more elegant. If you are marking soap, the safest approach is to use uncolored and unscented soap base if you do not want to try lye first. mould is a harmful chemical, and if not handled carefully, can result in painful burns.

How to Make Soap Without Lye

  1. Take a single bar of soap base and use a double to melt it. You can use a microwave oven for the job.
  1. As soon as the base melts, put ½ ounce of your chosen essential oil and a little bit of food colouring to it.
  1. You may also add a tablespoon of butter, honey, or oatmeal.
  1. Mix them all together and pour the melted soap into the plastic moulds.
  1. After a few hours, the soap will eventually harden. As soon as it sets, wrap it in a wax paper or a non-sticky material.

How to Make Soap With Lye

  1. Warm the oil you use for your soap making to medium heat. Wait until the lye cools down. Both the lye and oil should have the same temperature.
  1. Touch the side of the bowls lightly to judge if both their temperatures are the same.
  1. As soon as they reach the same temperature at about 110°F, pour the lye into a big bowl that contains the oil.
  1. Mix the lye and oil carefully. You can use a hand blender to do this.
  1. Add two teaspoons of the essential oil to the mixture. After mixing it thoroughly, pour the mixture into your plastic moulds.
  1. It usually takes 24 to 28 hours for this soap to harden. As soon as set, wrap it in a wax paper or a non-stick material.

Hopefully, these how to make soap recipes will make it easier for you at home. You can use various essential oils, which are not solely meant for fragrance. Some oils are also used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, acne, ageing, and so on.

Soaps can also help in relieving depression and stress. You can experiment with using different mould shapes to make your soaps. You can also use a rose-shaped mould for a gift, or different animal-shaped moulds for kids. The possibilities are endless with soap making. Before long, you can turn this perfume hobby into a lucrative business.

How to Make Soap in Your Own Home